SPV mode and pruning

A few notes to think about with regards to Initial Syncing until Pruning Point and “SPV”-like security. (SPV mode)

  1. SPV mode is a procedure used to find the Pruning Point and its UTXO set in an unknown DAG, where you can’t obtain all the block data.

  2. SPV mode is triggered by someone proving to you that between your P and the network there’s another Pruning point.

  3. SPV mode doesn’t mean disregarding the consensus, so the new Pruning Point must have the current Pruning Point and Finality point in its Selected Chain.

  4. SPV mode is over when you’ve set a new Pruning Point and you have its UTXO set.

  5. If in SPV mode the new found Pruning Point violates rule (3) then we need to notify the operator and resolve the conflict.